We help farmers apply safe and sustainable agriculture

Get the right knowledge and full guidance to get localg.a.p. verified or GLOBALG.AP. certified

If you want to

Contribute to safe and healthy food for everyone now

Get localg.a.p. Verified

  • Gain better access to local and regional markets
  • Apply Good Agricultural Practices
  • Improve farm management
  • Reduce exposure to food safety risk
  • Comply with food safety legislation
  • Easier progress towards GLOBALG.A.P.

Get GLOBALG.A.P. Certified

  • Gain access to new local and global customers, markets, suppliers and retailers.
  • Increase value of products by meeting worldwide recognized standard.
  • Improve efficiency of business processes and management.
  • Reduce risks to food safety and product safety and reputation.

What do we do for your company?  

CareerIT AGRI helps growers of fruit and vegetables to produce in a responsible and sustainable manner by implementing Good Agricultural Practices (G.A.P.). 

  • Improve your business operations and farm management
  • Increase your sales and expand to global markets  

We are here for you to help grow your business!

We provide you with the right knowledge and guidance to implement Good Agricultural Practices.  

We help your company to get localg.a.p. verified or GLOBALG.AP. certified. We offer a variety of courses to upgrade your skills and conduct audits to help you ensure Good Agricultural Practices. 

Good Agricultural Practices or GAPs are voluntary guidelines for produce farmers to reduce the risks for microbial contamination related to food borne illnesses on their farm.

  • Good Agriculture Practices can reduce the risk of harmful contamination of your produce.
  • Quality and shelf-life of your product is maintained and spoilage reduced.
  • Improved efficiency and management of your business operations.  
  • Opportunities to sell to clients demanding an audit.