About CareerIT AGRI
We serve everyone and provide support for greater production and access to safe and healthy food

Our mission

CareerIT AGRI wants to contribute to the availability of safe and sustainable food by supporting producers and producer groups with knowledge and guidance to produce cost effective, traceable, ecological responsible, healthy and safe food for the national and international market. 

Our vision

CareerIT AGRI wants to become the number one knowledge provider that empowers producers of fruits and vegetables to produce safe food for local markets and for export by combining Good Agriculture Practice standards and IT.

Our Story

CareerIT AGRI wants to contribute to the development within the horticultural sector. The aim is to help horticultural producers to bring responsible and sustainable products to the national and international market. We also want to make it easier for consumers to have greater access to safe and healthy food, by supporting  producers of agricultural and horticultural products to get localg.a.p. verified or GLOBALG.A.P. certified.  

We want to achieve this by offering:

  • Training in the field of agriculture and horticulture 
  • localg.a.p. training, consultancy and audits
  • GLOBALG.A.P. training, consultancy and audits
  • ICT-resources to improve business management processes
  • Connecting partners in the supply chain
CareerIT AGRI supports producers of agricultural and horticultural products to implement good agricultural practices and to achieve localg.a.p. verification and GLOBALG.A.P. certification.

This enables producers to meet local- and international market demand for safe and healthy food.