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Localg.a.p. A Capacity-Building Tool

localg.a.p. A Capacity-Building Tool Price: Free Buy Now General Introduction Primary Farm Assurance (PFA) Version 5 1. Background2. Primary Farm Assurance (PFA)3. Process (documents, scope, registration, assessment, approval)4. Requirements for certification bodies/verification bodies5. Steps for producers towards Primary Farm Assurance (PFA) compliance6. Breakdown of control points7. Data access rules8. Cost considerations9. Benefits10. Overview of programs

General regulations Part I

General regulations Part I Price: $210,- Buy Now Part I – General requirements Steps to achieve and maintain GLOBALG.A.P. certification Step 1: Getting to know the normative documents step 2: deciding on certification options and scope step 3: Registration process Step 4: Assessment process Step 5: Certification process Step 6: maintaining the GLOBALG.A.P. certification

GLOBALG.A.P. quality management system

GLOBALG.A.P. Quality Management System Price: $150,- Buy Now GLOBALG.A.P. Quality Management System Identify the elements that make up the structure of the quality management system (QMS) in the GLOBALG.A.P. certification. Understand the requirements of each element to be evaluated during the QMS audit Recognize the requirements of internal inspectors and the inspection process Apply QMS …

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Integrated Farm Assurance

Integrated Farm Assurance Price: $250,- Buy Now GLOBALG.A.P. INTEGRATED FARM ASSURANCE Version 5.2   Control Points and Compliance Criteria All Farm Base Fruits and Vegetables Crops Base

Introduction to GLOBALG.A.P.

Introduction to GLOBALG.A.P. Price: $50,- Buy Now Content of the training About GLOBALG.A.P. – Who We Are. GLOBALG.A.P. Governance & System. GLOBALG.A.P. Products & Services. GLOBALG.A.P. Farm Assurer Program