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Our Farm assurers help producers who want to become localg.a.p. verified

Providing the local market with quality food is important. The demand for healthy and responsibly grown fruit and vegetables can be met by implementing localg.a.p.

CareerIT AGRI helps you to get localg.a.p. Verified by guiding you through the entire process.

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What is localg.a.p.?

G.A.P. is short for Good Agriculture Practices. 

local.g.a.p. can be applied as a local standard for agricultural supply chains. localg.a.p. has been designed by GLOBAL.G.A.P.  and helps producers to implement Good Agricultural Practices. 

localg.a.p. Practice 

localg.a.p. can be used as a local standard or a capacity-building tool to develop towards GLOBALG.A.P. This local standard is designed to help producers adopt Good Agricultural Practices, so they have better access to local and regional markets.  

There are three levels available, producers can progress to the next level when they are ready.  

  •  PFA Intermediate Level (only assessment level, not suitable for export)
  • (ii)   Produce Safety Assurance certification (with focus only on food safety and traceability from the GLOBALG.A.P. IFA standard).
  • (iii) GLOBALG.A.P. IFA certification (covers food safety, workers’ health and safety, and environmental sustainability). 

What are the benefits of localg.a.p. verification?

localg.a.p. verification process